Experimenting with landscape

I took this photo on a walk with my husband on Meltham Moor, near Huddersfield, on a path beyond West Nab towards Raven Rocks. It was a cloudy day with rain threatening any time, but I needed to get out for some fresh air and to clear my head and, as always, the moors are the place to do that for me!

Even on a dullish day, the colours on the moors were beautiful and frequently I stopped to take it all in, take yet another photo (!) or inspect some grasses or flowers. Indeed, some flowers were teeming with insects enjoying a last minute snack before the rains came.

Inspecting the photos back home this one of my husband silhouetted against the sky felt particularly poignant and, for me, says something about how insignificant we can feel on the vast moorland landscape but also how, somehow the moors still kind of embrace us. My husband was probably doing something typically little boy like such as jumping on the rock to see if he could make it move!!

For a few days afterwards I decided to just play with the image in different ways, without really having a particular goal in mind. I drew with pencil and ink pen, splashed about inks and acrylics, did a bit of stamping and collage, tried thick and thin lines, contour lines and washes, effects of simplifying, cropping and exaggerating……..basically having a play to see what I did and didn’t like.

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