A Different Landscape!

At the end of my working career in the NHS my husband and I went on holiday to Lanzarote. It was a wonderful 2 weeks in the sunshine which gave us a boost as, at that time, we did not know about the impending trial we would all face with the corona virus.

By doing a bit of research on line before we went I was able to find a lot more about the island to give me a better idea of where I wanted to explore. We also found some good walks on line and were able to plan our own a bit from what we could see on google maps. It meant that we were able to explore a lot more off the beaten track, and a bit away from the core touristy bits.

The island is covered with hundreds of volcanic cones and ‘out of this world’ landscape forms due to previous volcanic activity, but also beautiful beaches, coves and cliffs. Early in the holiday I read an account written by a monk recording what it was like during a more ‘recent’ but very prolonged period of volcanic eruptions (1730 – 1736) which completely changed the landscape and topography of the island and, whilst visiting the areas mentioned, it really brought home something of what is was like during that time for the people living on the island. We also learnt about the slow process of nature taking back and claiming the land in new and strange ways, and how the local people had to adapt their farming approaches to survive.

We walked around volcanic cones, around the rim of craters, and into the heart of craters. It was good to be able to feel the rocks, to see the effect of different types of lava flow, to walk across a very different landscape and to see the different colours of the landscape in different light conditions. We even went for a bit of dark sky hunting late at night.

As the trip was intended as a holiday I took only some basic drawing materials with me and did just a few sketches of the terrain, which was interesting to study as it was so different from Yorkshire and made more interesting by the local stories we uncovered.


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