The Unhappening

This painting was partly inspired by a beautiful, soft landscape where it was lovely to sit on a calm, warm day taking in the sounds, smells and the feel of the soft breeze on the face, whilst letting the eye roam over the hills. With time, more and more things came into focus as I became still enough to see.

It was also inspired by a ‘happening’, a moment of ‘Oh, yes! I see it now!’

Whilst working on an idea, for a long time it seemed like things weren’t quite making sense, weren’t coming together. It was a bit frustrating. It felt like a bit of an ‘unhappening’. I could feel something on the edge, like something in the periphery of my vision that I just couldn’t quite bring into focus.

Sometimes we just have to wait it out. Some things can’t be forced or planned or engineered. We have to wait for other things to fall into place, to be completed, to become known. The unhappening is not really an unhappening at all! There may be lots of things going on in the background, underneath the surface; things that are important in everything coming together.

For my project, suddenly there was a real clarity which gave me renewed purpose. It became like a domino effect where other thoughts unraveled and fitted together, making sense. I think, maybe, it was that I needed to own some understanding, to experience something, to sort out my feelings about something, to listen and hear something, to learn something at a deeper level. I could progress with my idea knowing that I was on the right track.

When times feel like an ‘unhappening’ for you, maybe just stop, sit and listen. You might start to see that things are happening at some levels, albeit slowly just now. Can you wait it out until the time is right?

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