A Place To Think

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

“Many times I have wished that we live by the sea. When we visit the coast I love to be on top of the cliffs, exploring their craggy world, and being able to look down from high up out to sea. It is a good place to sit and think. If I lived there I am sure I would often be found sat on the cliff tops pondering the stuff of life.

In one sense the cliff top is an analogy of a time when we are forced to stop, to look at things, to think. It is a dangerous place, exposed, we could tumble to ruin, we could retrace our steps from where we came and go back, or we could go forwards to explore and find a new path. I have often wished I could fly straight off the cliff itself. But we are invited to pause and ponder; to maybe change our minds or review what is important to us, what really matters.

A long wait is a cliff top – it could be dangerous, but it could also be a good place to think.”

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