A Time Will Come

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

“One year we walked a small part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, exploring St Govan’s Chapel and stopping to watch a huge colony of breeding gannets on top of one of the sea stacks. Sat on the cliff tops watching the birds nesting on the cliff tops and crevices, and the small looking waves in the distance, it was a moment for rest and reflection, both physically and in life, on where we had come from and where we were going as I anticipated a change some time in the future.

Philosophy teaches there is a time for everything – a time for the waves coming in and a time for waves receding; a time for the gannet’s nesting and a time for migration; a time to arrive and a time to leave, with times in between to just stay.

Waiting for a time to change can be hard, especially when our hearts are set on a different hour, but no matter how deep our longing, the time for change cannot be forced. We have to wait for its own time to be. We must learn to sit in the ‘now’, to focus on ‘today’, and to be content with that.”

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