Hello! I’m Jo

Welcome to my website!

On my website you will find available paintings and drawings for sale.

I share with you my reflections that inspire and direct each painting and, if you are interested in knowing more, my stories as an artist and how I create my paintings.

My landscape paintings and drawings bring into your home beautiful places you can relax into!

“You have captured that view and the atmosphere really well. It is very beautiful!

I love it !” JT

To understand things in life we use


a great deal of the time.

I take elements of actual landscape to visually describe our internal, subconscious, emotional and reactive ‘landscapes.’

My paintings can take you to beautiful, wild spaces!

My hope is that you love your painting or drawing and that you connect with it in a way that is personal and meaningful for you, to enrich your life and your home.

I aim to provide a personal service as much as I can. You can look at how I work to meet that aim in the FAQs section on choosing and buying a painting, here.

Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes
Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes
Yorkshire artist, Jo Sykes


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

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