A self-taught artist living in Yorkshire, I am focusing on, at this time, oil painting using water miscible oils, although previously I have used a wide variety of media. I am particularly drawn to landscape forms, especially the scruffy, rough and wild moors around where I live. I am working to capture that wildness in my work.

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coddiwomple‘ : verb – to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

A friend recently shared this wonderful word which describes very well my art journey over the last few years!

I have long had an interest in arts and crafting and tried my hand at many things from paper mache to textiles, art journalling to doll making, using lots of different media and benefitting from lots of arty friends who kindly shared their knowledge and skills. In more recent years I returned to a more pure art approach wanting to build my expertise in drawing, observation, use of colour, expressing form and handling paint. I spent a lot of time doing graphite drawings, portrait work and basic botanicals – a time I found really productive in learning new things and exploring what I did and didn’t like. During this time I reflected on what it means to have a visual voice ( and what my visual voice could be) and what it means to be authentic in my art work. This latter point took me a long time to grasp but I think I am slowly getting there. I am learning to focus on what I love and what grasps hold of me in my very bones.

I recently went on a day course about using water miscible oils fully expecting to hate it. But instead I was really intrigued and after a bit of hesitation and dithering decided to give it more of a go. At first it was difficult, being such a different medium to what I had used before – there was so much to learn about using oils, drying times, fat over lean, and use of painting mediums but it also started to teach me a different aspect of colour mixing, of use of brush stroke and different ways of application. I started to feel like this was ‘really me’.

I had also been reflecting on what I liked painting and had really enjoyed prolonged focus on portraits and botanicals. But other things bored me silly or I just didn’t resonate with it to want to spend more than a few minutes at it! It took me a long time to understand that it is OK for me to follow my heart and what really tugs at my soul strings; to be brave enough to listen to my own gut instinct and not worry about what others think.

So, in many ways this page marks the start of a new phase of, hopefully, the same purposeful manner but with a less vague destination as I really explore my own authentic art that is true to me.