About Me

After many years working in healthcare I was finally able to escape a national institution that I was proud of but which had consumed a lot of my time. It was now an opportunity for me to pursue my greater love of painting!

Over the years, in available spare time, I have dabbled in a lot of different creative endeavors which allowed me to try out different mediums, approaches and art forms and to discover what really sparked my creative fire. I have not been formally trained as an artist and would say I am self-taught, but in truth we learn a lot from different people we meet and generous artists who have been willing to share their creative processes.

In later years I returned to a more fine art approach relishing in simple graphite pencil, ink pen and watercolour, and more recently discovering the joys of water miscible oils. These are oil paints which have been formulated to mix with small amounts of water rather than solvents to thin the paint, and using just water and soap to clean brushes and equipment. This removes a lot of the hassle and dangers with using solvents. These three media are the main ones I use in my work and I am happily exploring how far I can take each one in expressing mark making and my creative voice.

I have always enjoyed walking and continue to get out every day when I can, although I can no longer do long hikes. I particularly love walking in moorland and wild spaces, and really enjoy exploring the varied and often dramatic landscapes. I love being beneath big skies and quietly sitting listening to just the wind and the sounds of nature doing its thing!

The aim of my art is to bring the ‘outside inside’ both in memory and in expression of my interaction with the landscape.

My work is unashamedly representational although not always literal as much of my heart and soul goes into each piece.

Pule Hill, Marsden