The Next Corner

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

“I love visiting the Dovestones national park. It has a lot of different routes you can take: around several different reservoirs, each with their own character, up steep gullies, through woods, or high over the tops of rocky crags. There are so many spectacular views and hidden treasures to search out! I often take great delight in coming round a ‘corner’ to find a new something to catch my eye and make my heart do a little flip.

But also, on our long trudges, how often have I held a longing for the next corner! I may be tired and ready to be home. Or I may be anxiously looking for a route mark or sign. The sun may be threatening to retire. And how often, once arriving at this corner, have we discovered that it is not this one but the next one! So, still we trudge on seeing what each corner brings until eventually the goal is reached. There is nothing else to do; we have to just put one foot in front of another and keep going.

We turned so many corners during the pandemic; some offering clear signs of hope and others simply stating there is still a long way to go yet. We just had to keep on following the guidance, and keep hoping, and keep turning the corners.”

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