Letting Go

Yorkshire artist

£55 framed

£35 unframed

Mixed media on paper.

Framed size 35 x 35cm

Image size 20 x 20 cm

Ready to hang.

This painting is of Hull Pot in the Yorkshire Dales, where a small river / stream used to plunge over the edge of the rock into the ‘pot’ below. Most days now the smaller stream sinks into the ground further north.

It made me think a bit about things in the past, things that maybe I could have let go of a bit more. ‘Holding on’ can sometimes be resisting or just being stubborn. As I look back it is hard to know if I could have let go, knowing what I know now. But at least now I can, today, let go of what is not really that important.

I have chosen a lovely bespoke frame for this painting in solid ash that has been gently whitewashed. It comes with a soft white mount. Alternatively you could purchase this painting unframed so that you can choose the frame and mount to suit your home.

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