Just Seen


Mixed media on 1cm deep birch tile.

20.5 x 20.5 cm

The edges are finished in dark navy blue.

I’ve just seen something I hadn’t realised was there. It affected me so profoundly that I could have missed it all this time, when it was just there. I pondered this for a long time, amazed and yet delighted that I had just seen it!

This painting was created in oil and cold wax medium on a birch tile. Cold wax medium is a mixture of beeswax, resin and solvent and is used to aid the painting process. It also dries to a unique finish with a soft sheen, but which is tough and hard wearing, and doesn’t need varnishing. The wood tile was initially treated on all sides for protection and water resistance, before the painting surface was prepared with several layers of gesso and acrylic. Once the painting was completed the edges are finished with a dark navy blue colour. The tiles are unframed and have a notch on the back so that the painting hangs flat to the wall giving a more contemporary, neat look. The tile can also be free-standing on a shelf and could also be framed in a tray frame.

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