Long Time Arriving

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

” I love Ilkley Moor and had planned to visit several times in 2020 – that is until the pandemic hit. We only made one visit in the summer when the viral statistics were low and it was felt safe to travel a bit further for our exercise.

Once again, looking up at the Cow and Calf rocks flanked by the old quarry, it made me think how often things in the distance look close and not always that significant. It is always imperative, in my opinion, to have the bother to go for a closer look. Firstly, it might not be as close as you think, and it can take a long time arriving. It also always hits me just how much more significant and striking these spaces can be when seen close up, when you can actually lay your hand on the rock it self. When the journey there is tough and hard work, the delight is felt more keenly with the wonder of the place mingling with our sense of achievement and conquer. It makes the bother and the wait feel worthwhile.

As we lived with the lockdown and other restrictions of the pandemic, at first many of us thought it would only be a few months until our lives could get back to normal. A year later we realised the end would be a long time arriving and that there was still much more waiting to be done.”

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