Prolonged hardship makes us think hard about resilience. Accepting things the way they are, instead of how we would like them to be, isn’t easy. The 2020/21 pandemic was a testing time for everyone where our resilience was tried, exposed and strengthened in different measure.

Nature is brilliant at resilience. I find walking in wild spaces, be that physically or virtually in film, sketch or word, helps me to connect with my true self and my place in all things, and where I can learn a lot from the natural world what it means to be resilient.

The ‘Resilience’ collection developed with my reflections early 2021 on the journey through the pandemic, the impact it was having on everyone and, hopefully, our emergence on the other side of it later in the year.

From a painterly perspective, as I thought about resilience, I experimented more with approach and process, looking at different layers, mark making and use of colour in the paintings.

If you are interested in any of these paintings and want to find out more or discuss purchasing one, please get in touch with me using the contact button in the menu above.

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf!”

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes




40 x 50 cm,

oil on canvas, £220.

Connected with my true self

Connected with reality

Connected with my tribe.

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

A Season

of Acceptance

(Ingleton Falls)

21 x 21 cm,

oil on paper £60

Things are what they are.

‘Stuff’ happens.

Deal with it!.

Oil Landscape by Yorkshire Artist Jo Sykes


(Castle Hill)

40 x 30 cm,

oil on canvas. £200

I know.

I know who I am.

I know what I am.

I know where I have come from.

I know where I want to go.


Oil landscape by Yorkshire Artist Jo Sykes

We’ve Come

This Far

(Ilkley Moor)

18 x 18 cm.

Oil on paper. £60

The transition point.

The choice

The focus

“This is the resilience that leads to stability, not brittleness – a system that is aware of the forces on it and responds with just enough to keep things steady over time.”

Seth Godin

The Path of


(Ingleton Falls)

13 x 24 cm,

oil on paper. £60





Oil landscape by Yorkshire Artist Jo Sykes

A Narrow


(Ilkely Moor)

19 x 15cm.

Oil on paper. £60


Strong enough to know yourself

with no apology.

Flexible enough

to let others be who they are.

State of Mind


50 x 50 cm

Oil on canvas. £240.

What is filling my mind?

Uphill. Downhill

A long way to go

Look how far we’ve come.

Around. Over. Stuck

Destination. Journey.



40 x 60 cm

Oil on canvas. £240.







Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

No Ordinary Thing

(Greenfield Waterfalls)

50 x 70cm.

Oil on canvas. £280



Small things, big wins

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

One Step

(Ilkley Moor)

40 x 60cm

Oil on canvas. £240

Just one step

Take just one step at a time

One step, and you’re moving forward

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