Torside Reservoir

Oil landscape by Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes

“We wanted to explore the Crowden Valley just off the A628 near Tintwistle (don’t you just love that name for a village?) and we set off from home in lovely sunshine only to run into increasing low cloud as we came over Heyden Moor. Not to be put off (too much) we parked the car only to find a group of twitchers who were there hoping to see a juvenile bearded vulture that had strayed unusually far from its usual home in either the Alps or the Pyrenees. Even as a a juvenile the vulture would have a wing span of nearly 3 metres so it would have been a spectacular sighting. We set off up the valley and climbed up onto Withens Moor. It was really earie as the mist clung low to the hills and although the path was still clear and obvious we decided to turn back after a while and take another path back down to the car park. We didn’t see the bearded vulture unfortunately but the sense of being on the moors with the mist hugging the hills was truly awesome and serene if a little scary at times, and we had some beautiful, atmospheric views down the valley towards Torside Reservoir that just summed up the morning.”

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